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What if Trump is exactly what is claimed in this article below? Take in the current World events and connect the dots. If you are a student of scripture you will be hard pressed to deny there has been no other figure in all of our history that has been received in a global recognition and worship than Trump, not even Jesus/Yahshua, Gondi, the Pope, or mother Theresa. Don’t believe me? Just go watch Trump’s visit to India 2020 and all of his rallies and all his visits to other countries and he always seems to come away successful and worshiped by the masses. Most every country now wares the maga and Q symbols giving praise and homage to him, elevating him to god like status. If you listen to him with an open heart to hear truth, you will see he continues to lie and deceive us and the Q team constantly says optic’s matter and disinformation is necessary. Optic’s create deception and who is the disinformation for exactly? Trump has also claimed himself the “chosen one” and more just as this article shows.

David Goldberg was murdered for exposing what is really going on in DC with Trump. All of Goldberg’s video's exposing these truths’ have been scrubbed from the internet and cannot even be found on the way back machine but I found this article and his youtube channel so far. If I find more, I will post them here. I have had my doubts about Trump and now I can see scripture being fulfilled.

If you wonder why I created this page please read Revelations Chapter 13,

Jeremiah 51:45 and Revelations Chapter 18:4, the answer to this passage is the arbitration award 

Matthew 24:24 because there will arise false Messiahs, and false prophets, and will give great signs and wonders, that so they may bring about, if that were possible, the going astray of the very chosen.

Mark 13:22 for false Messiahs and lying prophets will arise and will give signs and wonders and will deceive, if it is possible, even the chosen.

Who in all of our history can you name that was/is worshiped around the world? 

Not even the one you know as Jesus can claim this, yet Trump is! The whole world is in awe of Trump and they are watching and bowing to him! Trump even declared himself the chosen one, I saw and heard him say it! I had already started questioning Trump by what I saw him doing and things he is saying, when I came across the article below. When I read it my mind went straight to these chapter's in scripture. So I will keep my mind and ears open, watching and listening because it appears we are at the time of revelings! Be ready!   

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