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Reverend Nicolette, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your kindness in teaching me how to make the Colloidal Silver and for your knowledge in health. Your Anti-biotic herbs help me so much with my allergies and the Colloidal Silver helps with everything else. Eternally Grateful *CP, Sacramento, CA

Cleansing Tea

Dear Nicolette !
Need to let you know that my husband has just come back from a complete Reexamination
with the biggest smile on his face and I said “what is it?”. My biggest worry is his low red Blood count.
For about 2 years he needed every month B12 shot in addition to all other things the Dr's give him, And now his blood is normal again. His Dr gave him such good news because even his organs have returned to normal and are healthy.
Since taking your Detox-Tea just a couple of weeks, he could feel that he was better somehow and was walking and standing straight up, this is after 2 years of being bedridden.
His arteries had been almost completely closed a few weeks ago, so had a healer helping him flush his arteries, but I bet, the tea has also done a great job with that.
I cannot thank God enough that we came in contact with each other. God wanted that to happen.
For myself, I will start drinking the tea too. I've been taking for more then 2 month Chelation pills and have the feeling that I need a lot more before there will be a noticeable difference. Your tea seems to be an answer to our health needs.
Also, we both want to start drinking on a regular basis the anise-thyme tea for cleaning the lymph and other glands as you recommended.
Until now we still had some good Vitamin juice but soon it will be gone, so we will start using the bottles I had ordered from you. Of course with my husbands diabetes I had to be careful not to give too much Juice but we eat lots of fruit daily and I'm making sure to balance the kinds of fruit we use.
Never would I have been dreaming that my husband would go along so good with all that I do. For more then 70 years of his life only beer, wine or whisky was the liquid he drank.
All I can say, THANK YOU~! Shalom Margaretha 02-08-07

Stage 4 Cancer and Diabetes

I’m amazed at how well I’m feeling after using your cleansing tea, in fact I’ve been sharing with my friends and family as well and hearing the same results.
I was not expecting to hear that I was removed from the diabetes watch list but you can imagine how delighted I was. I shared my news with my friend Linda who suffers with diabetes for years now and her results were the same.
I shared my news with my father and my ex so both of them are now using the tea. My father suffered with intestinal issues which are now cleared up and my ex has been suffering with stage 4 cancer which the Dr’s were not able to heal him, he also suffered from diabetes and just one month later his Dr’s told him his tests came back stage 1 on the cancer and nearly clear from the diabetes.
We will all continue using your tea and truly can’t thank you enough. Friends in Sacramento 10-2014

Body Lotion and Ointment

Reports from the Siskiyou mountains: "My feet were so tired and painful after a long day at work so I thought I would try rubbing them with your body lotion. I was so amazed that only after a few moments the pain had subsided and my feet felt rested, I also love the feel of your lotion; it is not greasy and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft, moist, silky and it is so long lasting. I was so happy with the results that I thought I would try your lotion on my cracked feet and hands to see if I would get the same results. Let me tell you how amazed I am to no longer have to deal with the pain and cracking and bleeding. Nothing I have used in the past whither from my Dr. or just over the counter has ever helped me. Your lotion is so amazing I don't know how to thank you for this wonderful gift. Thank you so much for the test size. I will be placing an order soon. Susan E. CA

I went out into the back yard to check on something and my friends puppy wrapped around my ankles with his rope leash. I wiggled my way out but made large cuts in my skin and had tried using salves and ointments that are made for this kind of wound but not much was happening when I was given a sample of your salve and put some on and was I surprised, within just a few moments my skin was no longer red and sore and within hours the healing had begun to be visibly noticeable. The wounds were completely gone within a few days. My friend explained how to get more of your lotion and salve. Thank you very much you have a wonderful product. Roberta, CA

I just love the feel of Nicolette's Simply Essential© lotion; it absorbs quickly and does not feel greasy or oily. My skin feels soft and smooth all day even after many hand washings. Thank you for using me as your guinea pig. Dianna, CA

Thank you for dropping off a sample of your salve. I have many occasions to use such a product since I'm always getting paper cuts and scratches and I never see how I got them. Your salve prevents infection and seals the wounds very quickly. I love the fact there is very little if any odor and it is long lasting. In-fact in most cases only one application was necessary for complete healing to take place. Patty, CA

My feet are always dry and cracked so you can understand how surprised I was when only after one application of your body lotion my skin felt moist and soft and within hours I had no pain from the cracks. After only a few days the cracks were all healed, my feet are for the first time soft and supple. Thank you for your creation. Suzanne, CA

Another child at school scratched my son on his face and I had been using Aloe and other topical ointments for a week with no change. After applying your salve I noticed an amazing improvement in the color and size of the wound. It's been a week now and the wound is nearly gone and there does not appear to be any scaring. Thank you so much. Also my sister suffers with a skin-irritating/ rash that she has had over 8 years and nothing helps not even the drugs or ointments from the Dr's, so I gave her the sample salve and she saw a visible difference within one week after use. Our mother and I noticed the difference and asked how often she was applying the salve, she said only before bed. We both suggested she start using it more often during the day as well. She is very happy with the results and she has no more pain. I have one more story to tell you too, one of my neighbors fingers was very badly infected from a splinter he had gotten after doing some garden work and I was very worried for him and tried to get him to go to the Dr's to lance and clean it up but he refused, so I suggested he let me use your salve. He did and the same results that I got on my sons face my neighbor got with his finger. It started clearing up right away and by the next morning he came over to show me his finger was completely healed. What an amazing lotion and salve you have made Nicolette. Thank you and keep me informed as of all of your products. Shawna, CA

I had to contact you and order more of your skin care rapid healing salve. I have dealt with a rash on my hands for years with no relief from the medical field. The first time I used the salve I noticed my hands feeling better the pain subsiding and the rash looking much lighter. I used the whole sample jar and want to buy your larger jar. I will never be without your salve ever again. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. L. B. CA

The heat has been so bad lately so my arms started breaking out with a really bad rash. I used your Nicolette's Simply Essential© skin care rapid healing salve and the rash was gone within an hour. There are no words to express my joy not to have to suffer with that kind of pain. Your skin care lotion and salve will be a mainstay in my medicine cabinet. Sincerely, L. T. CA

The reports just keep coming in on both Nicolette's Simply Essential© skin care body lotion and rapid healing skin care salve. Many minor cuts, burns, rashes, etc. being healed remarkable fast without any other products being used. The pain is subsided nearly immediately and the salve seems to reduce the need of a bandage while protecting the wound from infection with the smooth covering the salve leaves over the skin. The skin care body lotion leaves your skin feeling smooth and moist all day long. No greasy feel or strong odors to interfere with your day's activities. There are no harsh chemicals or colorants or orders. Only all pure and natural ingredients go into my products which make them safe for any age or skin type.

Hope by the minute

Lilly is a beautiful healthy young woman, married with 4 children. Her story begins after giving birth to her third child.
Lilly was diagnosed with Kidney failure and her diabetes was getting worse. She was so happy but just couldn’t seem to recover after this last delivery. Her Dr. ran some tests and found the diabetes worsening, her kidneys were shutting down and her liver was infected. Her Dr. wanted to put her on the dialysis machine right away but Lilly was not willing to stop nursing her newly born daughter.

When I received her call her situation was getting critical. Her Dr’s had added her name to the Kidney donor list. After hearing her whole story I knew she would need to cleanse her body with my cleansing herb mix and use my anti-biotic herbal mix to help kill off the infections developing in her liver and for the diabetes she needed to add acidophilus to her daily diet, which I taught her how to make her own from wheat berries. What this does is to help restore the live enzymes in the intestines, which helps to balance the sugars in your system.

Now lets hear what Lilly has to say: “I used Nicolette’s cleansing herb program, the anti-biotic herbs and the acidophilus and followed her instructions for each of them and I was blessed and amazed by how quickly I was recovering. It only took a couple of weeks to stop any further infections in my liver and to clean my system and bring my diabetes under control. My Dr’s were so surprised to see how well I was doing, that they told me to continue doing whatever I had been, because it was working extremely well. By 6 months I was removed from the transplant list and was told I would not need to come back for another 6 months and that was just to be sure that I was truly recovered and not just in a state of remission.

On that last visit I was given a clean bill of health and was excited because I had been planning on having another child but when I had mentioned this to my Dr. he just said he didn’t think that would be possible since I had so much scar tissue on my ovaries from the diabetes.

Well I’m very happy to say that my Dr’s diagnosis was not correct. I had recovered so well that my ovaries had cleared up too and I now have a beautiful son. Our Father in heaven has plans that far exceed all that we could ask for. My son is 4 years old now and very healthy. And I am healthy as well. I now know that with the knowledge I gained from Nicolette I will be able to continue to manage my own health and over these last 4 years I continued to learn from Nicolette the awesome truths all contained in our heavenly Fathers garden”. Lilly, California, USA

Time I give my Testimony 

I thought it was time to add my own testimony to explain how I became involved with alternative remedies and how I created my tea mix and other items and information.

I never planned on having children. Because of my own childhood and all of its horrors, I never saw this life as a place to bring such pure innocence into its ugliness; so I didn’t bother researching the medical industry and what it was doing to the children of this planet.
Having a child changes you. You learn things you never thought possible. If you’re weak you must become strong. If you lack knowledge you learn it or suffer the hard way dealing with issues that can break you, such as the case with my daughter.

She was such a peaceful baby until they started shooting her up with their poisons. After which she never stopped screaming and not being able to sleep. I remember the only sleep I got for the first three years was 20 minute naps and I had to function 24/7 like this. I was a real zombie.
She would get sick so easy and would have 24 hour bouts of very high fevers, throwing up, with termers and jerking fits. By the time she was 5 she had been so ill that she couldn’t even take in a teaspoon of water let alone try to eat and after 7 days of this her lungs were filling with fluid so she was struggling to breath. I had tried repeatedly to get in to her Dr. but they refused us claiming it was only a flu and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Well by day 7 we took her to the emergency after waiting forever the Dr wouldn’t even put a stethoscope to her chest and he refused to help us. I really do not know what I said to this guy but I was at my wits end and whatever I did say he finally gave me a prescription for amoxicillin. This helped enough to clear her lungs and she did recover. But when I came home that day I slammed my fist on the table and screamed at the top of my lungs to the spiritual realms and demanded to know what I could do to take care of ourselves because I would never allow those beasts to ever have power over us again.

I also learned that they were refusing to give out the amoxicillin because the children were building antibodies and it wasn’t helping anymore.
Well something was listening because doors and windows began opening and I learned everything I could and I continue to study and learn. It’s all out there folks we just need to know where to look and a push to get us started. Boy did I ever get a good strong push!
The first step that occurred was to find a book I had in a stash of books called “Health through God’s Pharmacy” that is my bible for herbs even to this day which is 30 years later. By learning natural remedies I was able to save my daughters life on four occasions. 

At 19 my daughter suffered with a kidney infection, we thought we had it under control but when she got into the spa within seconds she began screaming to get her out. we learned she suffered an autoimmune response to the heat. again we learned this was caused by the mmr vaccine. it took 4 attempts to get her into the emergency but once they looked at her they rushed her to icu. her neurological system was shutting down and collapsing her muscles. we were told if it reached her heart it would stop. she could have died but it stopped just below her heart. she was left paralyzed in her lower limbs confined to a wheelchair.

NOTE: By the way I spent over 18 months sleeping on the floor by my daughter’s hospital bed because of the emotional horrors she endured and having to be available for her 24/7 all hours of everyday helping her including catheters every 2 hours because of the serial killers you call Dr’s.

I will add that she like me is a fighter and she has not let this stop her from living. She is an author of children's books and is working on a romance misery novel, a graphic artist, writes her own lyric's and sings so beautiful. I have her video's posted on my pages.

It's been a true nightmare and we had to work long and hard to get her through fear and depression, but by persevering we have gained much.

I had been told that I had cervical cancer and they wanted me in right now for a biopsy. I refused and told them I would come in two weeks. I hadn’t studied my book for all the topic’s in it, but I had found an herb for tonsillitis which I would get twice a year every year of my entire life. The herb is sage and all you do is make a tea and gargle two to three times a day until it clears, well that’s a far cry to what the Dr’s do to you so I said why not and low and behold it did exactly that and the real kicker is I have never suffered with it again. How’d that happen?

So I read through all the pages on cancer and cleansing the blood. Now this book is based on single herb usage but I am true to my sign as a ram and I did to this info the same way I do all things. I took all the herbs and then went to the herb shop and spoke with them about what I was doing and they suggested I add one more herb to the mix, so I have 7 herbs in my mix. I simply made a pot of tea everyday drinking 4 cups a day for two weeks and then went to see the Dr for the biopsy. My results came back in 4 days I was told I wouldn’t hear from them for at least a month. I didn’t need them to tell me anything because only after drinking my tea for those two weeks cleansed my body so well I was feeling better than I had ever felt in my entire life. I must have been so full of toxins to have made such a turn around. Well the results were so great that the lab tech’s thought they were testing the tissue of a teenager, mind you I was already past 40. I told the Dr thanks and that they would never see me again and I have kept that promise. Im now 69, cancer and every other dis-ease free!

I’ve gone on to create all my own tinctures, lotions, salves etc. it is a real shame that we have to suffer before we find the truth but it’s all been worth it. I have had the honor to help hundreds of others lost in this world of lies and I will continue to do so.

There is a lot more that has happened but you would feel like your reading a book, so let me just try to encourage you to not take what you are told to believe and seek it out for yourself. Don’t simply believe someone because you think they are smarter than you because they could only be repeating what they were told to believe. This is your life, your mind, your heart, your soul, your spirit, find it for yourself you never know how many lives you will be saving including your own.

9-17-21 Update

It's been 14 years now for my daughters last injury due to the poisons in the childhood vax's. we were told that she would only get worse or at best stay at that current level of health that she would never improve. WE proved them all wrong. She no longer has spasms which were not only debilitating but cause extreme pain but she is now going to her gym and working out in the pool. She is driving and able to take care of herself better, which has brought some relief for me. She has more muscle strength in her back and legs and the constant pain has subsided, We will never give up and look forward to her walking again. 

Many blessings, may they flow eternally unbroken
Nicolette Germano© L.S.

Credit where Credit is Due

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Hundreds of thousands of souls that live only by reality, truth, honor and integrity, suffering great hardships to the extreme of losing their lives have gone before us to ensure we have stored in posterity the truth of what has and continues to occur in our world.
It has become my great honor through my own great suffering and loss, to pass on a small portion of what they brought forward for us to find.
It is my hope that all who find my voice speaking out, will pick up the torch and assist in this fight to save lives, our world and the next generations to follow our lead.
Facing the truth should not be a hard thing and yet it is the only thing that stops so many of us from living a life of honor and integrity. A shallow life lived is an empty life indeed.
May we all wake up and expose the terrors and corruption that has and continues to destroy the beauty this life should’ve been, in the hopes we can destroy the evil and bring into reality that which this planet and all its inhabitants truly has to offer.

Nicolette Germano© L.S.

My daughter BabyJay singing

"I Can't Make You Love Me"

G from Montana 1-09-24
Nicolette, I can’t thank you enough for sending me your lotion and salve. I have had a wound on the bottom of my heal for many years from stepping on a rock at the beach that has never fully healed and has caused me much pain. After using your salve on the wound, the pain lessened and I can walk better and it might be healing. I will keep in touch to update you as to my progress.


A dear friend called me today 11-26-22, to inform me of what she is calling a miracle. She has come down with the shingles and just witnessed a dear friend of hers go through the nightmare of pain, blisters and all that occurs with shingles. She called me to let me know that she is using my salve on the blisters and has found that the pain is less, the blisters are healing much faster and not spreading, whereas her friend went through weeks of suffering, my friend has only had them for one week and is already witnessing a fast recovery.
Nature has all that we need to heal. My salve has simple ingredients that truly are miraculous.

Update: On 2023-06-16 00:06, Sean David Morton wrote:

I was going to TELL you that I rub your HONEY BUTTER on my face every day! Even tho it is a STICKY MAGNET for CAT FUR it makes my skin look great!

Just received a note from another precious friend today 11-30-22, Sean David Morton, an author and all around incredible man, to let me know how my salve is helping him: "Thank you! Been using it on my back and shoulders on the hives from the chemo and seems to be working pretty well..  S." 

 I have been using the GEORGE'S ICE ALOE on my tongue, as it is the only known CURE for RADIATION POISONING, and drinking GALLONS of the juice, which has no taste. Just like water.

                                                                You HEAL EVERYONE YOU TOUCH WITH YOUR LOVE! Sean                                                    Update 1/26/2023 from Sean: healing from cancer:  The wounds on my NECK have healed up THANKS TO THAT HONEY                   BUTTER STUFF YOU SENT ME! REALLY GREAT! USE IT EVERYDAY! WORKS LIKE CRAZY

Update 1/29/2023  I hope the pics will help your website. I mean the salve REALLY HELPED and you can see what a MESS I WAS. I mean this whole thing for TWO YEARS and then the TWO YEARS before THAT when it started has really been hell
The HEROES JOURNEY....I truly felt like I was frozen in CARBONITE....and they put EVERYONE ELSE in prison for THREE YEARS as well so when I got OUT I didn't MISS ANYTHING! HAHAH!

HAVE ALL THE SANDS OF TIME BOOKS DONE and work on a screenplay about my adventures in the 80s as THE WORLD'S GREATEST DEEJAY! CALLED......SPIN!


 You can find Sean's books here  also: Sean David Morton - "Past Lives, Future Lives?" interview





Update: 6/17/23

I found I was still dealing with the imbalance whenever I moved certain ways or got up too fast or after sitting too long etc. I was not healing as fast as I wanted when about 7 weeks ago a contact sent me info on a microcurrent devise. I looked into it and decided to give it a try and to my surprise I am back to normal functioning and feeling better than I have in a very long time. Sometimes bad scary things turn out to be glorious blessings! You can read all about it with my testimony here with my link if you would link one of your own:  AVAZZIA LIFE EVOLUTION 

Sorry for my lack of communication over these last few weeks but I have been out of commission with a very scary experience.

I had been feeling woozy for a month or so but I thought it was from sitting incorrectly in my work chair and just kept trying to adjust myself. By Friday night March 18, 2022 I was unable to move my head without it spinning out of control. By Saturday morning it caused me to bring up all contents from my stomach. I tried different movements with my head and found a spot that allowed me to sit without the spinning.

We contacted my eldest daughter and explained what was going on and she said it sounded like an infection, which made me very happy because I knew exactly what to do with an infection and had all material on hand so we all got to work to clean this up and I am very happy to say it’s working.

An infection made sense to me because I have been dealing with infections in my gums, it made sense that it could or would move into my brain stem, neck/scull area, and clearly that is what happened.

Now today Tuesday 3/22/22, I’m feeling so much better; I’m able to move my head and walk without the spinning and am feeling far more stable’; still weak but am up and about moving freely. All my daughters were such a blessing to me, I cannot be more grateful for them. My little granddaughter was going through all our health books and coming up with info to assist. Shea was such a help bringing me the teas, things to eat and sitting with me while she read the books. It was so beautiful to watch her handle this event with her grandmother with such peace and grace. Crissy was so exhausted but she didn't stop making sure I had all I needed and her dad helped with all the heavy lifting needed. As scary as this was to have such incredible daughters working together to solve this event was a beautiful experience.

Now after Abbey shared her ideas as to what was causing this event, we pulled all stops and hit this with everything we have. Colloidal Silver, Anti-biotic herbs with Thyme tea, cleansing tea, foot baths, Epsom salt compresses, cbd salve, colloidal salve and Olbas oil. Although I hate using any drugs, I did take Advil to reduce inflammation and applied acupressure from the edge of my scull down through my spine. Also applied Epsom compress to my scull and spine and did a lot of deep breathing which also helps to detox.

Applying the acupressure helped greatly in reducing the spinning which allowed me to get out of bed and move around. Reducing the inflammation also helped in my movements. The colloidal silver and anti-biotic herbs helped to stop the infection. The foot baths, Epsom, Thyme and cleansing teas helped to clean out the infection. The cbd salve, colloidal salve and Olbas oil help to stop the infection and reduce the pain and swelling in my neck. Thyme cleans out the lymph nodes. The cleansing tea cleans out the whole body and once I feel safe enough to take a bath I will use Epsom, Himalayan salt, baking soda, hydrogen-peroxide, clove essential oil and take a nice long soak.

What a scary and wonderful experience. To have knowledge is a most powerful gift. Having such beautiful and like-minded daughters is the greatest gift of all. They are truly a blessing to this life and I just couldn’t be more grateful to all of them. I am truly blessed to know all of you and my beautiful daughters.

The scary is replaced with deep gratitude and joy. Many blessings to all, Nicolette Germano ©


I’ve suffered with edema for 13 years now because I was paralyzed by the MMR vaccine. I started a gym and used the pool to exercise and found that I was able to control the edema. I had to stop for a while and my edema was out of control again. Then I found a gym closer to home but they do not have a pool in yet so I’ve just been using the exercise equipment. To my amazement I’ve been able to control the edema again. So, my conclusion is that I am able to control the edema do to keeping my circulation moving. I hope this helps others that suffer with edema. CJ  9/20/19

David Icke: It's All Long Planned. Chess Moves By The Tyranny -  How the death cult, i.e. The Cabal is using vaccines against us:   The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Love resides in the higher vibrational frequencies. Remember this when situations are less than ideal. True love is in the embodiment of our Creator. To reach a higher level of vibrational frequency infuse positive thoughts throughout the situation, visualize being embraced and infused by the unconditional love of our Creator. Stay in this frame of consciousness until the situation resolves itself. Continue practicing until you are able to stay in this frame of mind. Each day then will be filled with Love, Peace and Joy.  True Power is Love, Peace & Joy
Nicolette J Germano© LS

Mistake: That which you had not intended the outcome. A true mistake is that which you did not learn from. A mistake allows an opportunity to learn to grow beyond your mindset.
Nicolette J Germano© LS


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For medical advice please speak to your medical professional and always do your own research!


Beginning of shingles and ending. You can use on your web site. Love Rea😍

Start Thanksgiving to today Dec. 10. These are over the last 5 to 8 weeks. Look how your salve worked. Love Rea 😍

Less itch and some reduced pain. Love Rea 😍