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I buy all my herbs from: Mountain Rose Herbs 

and all my vitamins and Supplements from: VitaCost

Maria Treben: "Health Through God's Pharmacy"

Hebrews 6:7, for the truth is that the earth, which drank the rain that came upon it many times and grew herbs born in work to them that are working it, is an abundance of blessings [for them] from Elohim.

Revelation 22:2, and in the midst of its broad streets on this side and on that side by the river [was] the tree of life that produced twelve fruits and in every month gave its fruits. and its leaves [were] for the healing of the nations.

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****Graphene Oxide: IT’S IN ALL OF US & THIS IS HOW TO GET IT OUT!




GARLIC (herbal form powder) GOLDENSEAL root (powder) ECHENACIA root (powder) MYRRH (powder)

I keep a full baggie of this mix on hand at all times. Just buy one ounce or more of each powdered herb and place them all in one baggie. Mix them well, then use as directed.

TO USE: One, ¼ teaspoon of the mixed herb equals one capsule. Take one ¼ teaspoon of the herb mix and put it in a cup of very hot water, cover cup with a saucer and let it sit for at least 3 minutes. This tea is very bitter; you may need to sweeten it. Drink all of the tea including the herbs. You may drink this tea, two to three times a day, but not more than 10 days in a row. Stop for at least five days and rest from the tea. My daughter, granddaughter and I no longer need a sweetener for this tea. You will develop a taste for it. I prefer to drink a tea, because it is more efficient, and it is quickly ingested into the system. Your body absorbs them more quickly and easily rather than taking capsules.

Capsule usage: Take one capsule up to three capsules, one to three times a day for up to ten days. Then stop for at least five days, same as above. If you find your illness has not subsided simple re-take the herbs by repeating the above information, always following the caution below. Store this mix on a shelf or refrigerator in a Ziploc baggie. Try to keep them out of direct light. They will last a year. (Longer if kept in an airtight container.)

CAUTION: DO NOT USE GOLDENSEAL, GARLIC POWDER (herbal grade) or MYRRH IF PREGNANT! OR IF YOU HAVE AN ALLERGY TO ANY OF THESE HERBS. You should contact your health practitioner always before starting new programs.

If you find your illness is still continuing, then repeat this process. But in my experience, none of my family, friends or clients has yet had a need to repeat. In fact, we are over what ever it is with in 3 days even with in the same day if we start this program immediately. I have numerous testimonies stating the same is true for them.

I have found that if I start the use of these herbs as soon as I recognize I, or one of my family members are becoming sick, we can recover very quickly, but I have also found that if we do not start right away we will heal but it will take longer. So I always try to catch it right away.

NOTE: If for any reason you or someone that would be using these herbs is subject to a problem with any of them then DO NOT USE them. And if you find you are having an adverse reaction to any of the above contact your health care practitioner immediately.


Bedstraw (or Clevers), Horsetail (or Shavegrass), Stinging Nettle, Calendula, Yarrow, Pau D’ Arco, Plantain

Take equal parts of the above list and put them in a Ziploc baggie. Mix well. You can use one teaspoon of the mix per one cup of hot water, or you can make a pot of tea. It’s best to make a pot of tea and drink it all day, if it is your plan to cleanse your system. (One pot equals 4 cups) All of these herbs are safe to take over a long period of time without any toxic affect. (For a good cleansing you should use this mix for at least two weeks and longer for a complete cleanse with restorative effects to your organs.) These herbs will cleanse and help to restore the blood, kidneys, liver, pancreas, colon, gallbladder and hormonal system to a healthier condition. When you make a pot of tea save the herbs and use them to make an herb bath.

To Prepare: Put this mix in a Ziploc baggie and store in a dark cool place.

To use: Just make a cup or pot of very hot water and mix in one teaspoon of the herb mix for every 8 oz cup of hot water. . Do not boil the herbs in the water. Pour the hot water over the herbs and cover them to keep the tannin within the cup or pot. Cover the cup or pot and let it set for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Strain the herb out of the water and drink. I like to make a pot when I’m cleansing it makes it easier to take the 4 cups a day needed to cleanse. Drink at least 4 cups a day for two weeks. Be sure you are eating healthy foods during this time. It will help your body heal from all the damage done over the years.

CAUTION: If you are on medications it is best to start with only one cup of cleansing tea a day to start. Simply increase after 3 or more days to 1 ½ or 2 cups and so on until you have worked up to the 4 cups needed for an internal cleansing. . Be sure to drink the tea an hour before you take your drugs or two hours after. If you feel you are not feeling well for any reason take a break from the tea for at least two weeks then try the program again following the same instructions. If you see your bowels are moving too much you will need to cut back on the amount of tea you are drinking. This tea will cleanse your bowels so drink extra water if your bowels become too runny and cut back on the amount of tea you are drinking. Be very cautious if you are using Coumadin to thin your blood, Coumadin is also used as a rat poison. If you feel any cramping in your legs stop the use of this tea for at least two weeks as above and start again at a slower pace

To make an herb bath, just fill a pot with water and boil the used herbs for about 10 minutes. Strain out the herb and pour this herb water into a warm to hot bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. The water should cover up to at least your kidneys, but no higher. When you get out do not dry off, just rap up in a robe and lie down for 20 minutes up to an hour. Be sure not to stand up from a hot bath too quickly for risk of fainting. Hot bathing can change our blood pressure, so it is vital you pay close attention to what you are doing.

A good plan, is a plan that you will stick with, so don’t over do it. Remember to take it easy and don’t be too hard on your self if you don’t get this down the first or second time. You will get it but only if you stick with it. If you are a person with faith in our heavenly Father, then trust Him to be with you as you move toward doing His will in taking care of the gift He has given you. Your life! We tend to think this life is an accident, but the truth is, this life is well planned out by our creator. He has a perfect plan for each of us if we will only listen to Him and pray. If we ask of Him, He is faithful to answer, and not just any old answer, but His perfect Will for our lives.
1, You might want to meditate or something before you start this or any new health program.

2, In the mornings make a pot of herbal tea mix to drink all day, not forgetting to eat a good breakfast made up of grains, nuts, seeds and fruits, a lunch full of greens, nuts, seeds, sprouts, beans, legumes, etc. and a light fruity dinner. It's always better to eat the heavier foods during your working hours and a very light dinner such as fresh fruits, which digest very quickly. Add to this plenty of water all day long. Don’t exceed 10, 8oz cups though unless you have taught your body to accept it by slowly increasing your intake. And do not drink distilled water from a thin plastic bottle, as this will draw the formaldehyde from the container and into the water, which then is absorbed into your body, it's ok to drink distilled water from a thick and/or hard plastic bottle, but glass is always better.

3, Practice making different kinds of juices throughout the day, remember the more variety the healthier the diet. So Try every hour to make a different kind of juiced drink, i.e. Carrots with parsley, Greens with beets, onion, garlic and something to counter the taste of these two and so on. Sometimes mixing whole fruits with veggies cause a reaction in the stomach, which can make you feel nauseated. Fruits are easier to digest so whatever else you may have eaten with fruits, will sit and ferment while your stomach is dissolving the fruits first. You can make a fruit drink then alternate with a veggie drink next time and so on. It is not necessary to over do this step. Just do what you can and don’t worry if you are not doing it all.

(Note: If you are very ill at the time you are using this information, it would be to your benefit to eat an all vegetable and fruit diet until you are completely healed. There are some simple meals you can make and today you can go to a Whole Foods store and find such a huge verity of vegetarian meals. If you suffer with an ulcer then you should be eating soft light foods, no acidy foods at all also they should be completely bland no spices at all. Pure baby foods are the best. Also if you have had surgery where your gallbladder or other digestive organs have been removed it would be best for you to drink only one cup of tea a day and work your way up to 4 cups of tea a day.)

Keep a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on hand so you’re not running out all the time. Buy things you might not normally use like Bok Choy and mustard greens etc., and look for the discount bags of fresh foods, that will help to offset the cost. You can simplify this step by making a large batch of juice and drink it throughout the day, making a different drink each day. If you find that you cannot make fresh juices during the day try making them at night and store in jars with good lids in the fridge, or buy some that are as close to nature as possible and use this to nourish your system while giving your body all the nutrients it will need throughout the day; cut back after two weeks, stop and rest for a couple of weeks before doing it again if needed. Do not stop eating normally unless you are doing a juice only diet while cleansing but be sure you have researched your program before doing it, and if you need to make enough for two than just increase the amounts from above. Just keep the cleansing tea in a flask or thermos and drink at least 4 cups a day of the tea and the juice as often as possible for two weeks. It is always a good idea to eat just light foods and move away from greasy foods and animal products, and white flower foods or white sugar foods because these have no nutrition in them at all and in fact rob your system of the nutrition you are trying to put in.

These herbs can be used twice to make a tea, i.e: steep first use for 3 to 5 minutes, then steep the herbs for 5 to 10 minutes the second use from there they can be boiled and strained into a nice hot bath and the last step is to put the used herbs into a potted plant or in a mulch pile.

This tea is safe for all ages of both people and animals. But always use the advice of your health practitioner.

If you know you have a reaction to any of the herbs used here simply do not add that to your mix. All these herbs have cleansing and healing properties.

Don't worry that you have already read some of this in another article. It's here to help remind you of the importance involved in teaching you how to repair the damage done over the years and to help you stay focused on changing your lifestyle for better health. Also there are other tips in this section that are not in the others.

CAUTION: If you are taking any blood thinner medication or other medications be sure to inform your Dr before you do this or any program that can/will affect your health.


Epsom Salts: Use a 1/2 cup up to 6 cup of Epsom Salts to a full hot bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes then rinse off. For a stronger bath slowly work your way up to a half gallon of Epsom Salts by increasing the amount each time you take an Epsom Salt bath which should not be more than once a week.

NOTE: If you are a Diabetic you should start an Epsom Salt bath in smaller amount, i.e. ¼ cup to one bath once a month they increase slowly; i.e. ½ cup Epsom Salt to one bath once a month. I would not suggest more than one cup per bath once a month. If you are unable to take a bath simply do a sponge bath while sitting in the shower.

You may use a bowl of warm vinegar water to scrub off the salt, which will help to cleanse off your skin and open your pores. Use a 1/4 cup of vinegar to 3 cups of warm to hot water and a good scrubbing cloth. Scrub your entire body well and then rinse off with clear water.


Epsom Salts will draw out toxins and drugs including tobacco. So if you have never cleansed after using drugs, alcohol, tobacco or simply from the toxins in our foods and water and other liquids, it would be advisable that you take an Epsom Salts bath once a week until you no longer see a change of color in the bath water. The color may be very light. There is no harm in using Epsom Salts except to over use them by taking too many baths in one day or in one week. That is why I advise only one a week.

What this will do is draw the toxins from your liver and kidney's, blood and other organs, etc.

For a quick refreshing pick me up, simply take a sponge bath with the hot vinegar water. This will open your pores and allow oxygen in through your skin and up to your brain through your blood.

You can also use my cleansing herbs to make a tea to drink then you can boil the herbs and strain the water into a relaxing bath. You then can use the herbs as mulch for your out door plants.

Use caution when using Epsom Salt to keep from releasing to many toxins at one time through your skin, simply start with a lower amount then increase in small amounts each bath. Do not take more than one bath a week until your body has shown it can tolerate it.

FOOT BATHS: using a foot bath is the fastest way to detox. if you don't have one check here: 

simply fill the bucket with warm to semi hot water, add a table spoon of himalayan salt swish to dissolve and set the timer. I will do two sets in a row starting with clean water each time.

you can also add hydrogen peroxide, epsom salt, baking soda, and or borax all at once or individually with each bath. 


Make your own: Use as an antibiotic for viral, fungal and bacterial infections internally and externally

To Make the Colloidal Silver drink you will need:

1, Two Silver wires and they must be .9999 pure silver, about 4 inches long [or you can use a Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin which is .9999 percent of silver, cut in half]. A set of two speaker wires with an alligator clip at each end or you can buy the snap on wires that snap onto a 9v battery, and add an alligator clip on one end. You can buy the wires pre-made at a hardware store or Radio Shack and you can find the wires of silver or silver coin either online or at a coin & jewelry store.

NOTE: If you want to use a coin instead of the rods, Use only a Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin, which is .9999 % pure silver. Or silver wire rods only if you can prove they are .9999 pure because it is unsafe to use anything else. A lesser number will have other metals included in the coin or rods and can cause a gray discoloring to your skin as well as cause a toxic reaction in your system. SO TAKE THIS CAUSION TO HEART AND DO NOT DISREGARD IT~!

2, One glass 8 to 10 oz. or a larger glass jar depending on the amount you need to make.

3, 3, 9-volt batteries or something with both a positive and negative post with an out put of 27 to 36 volts.

If you are using the 3 9-volt batteries, you will need to connect them together by connecting one positive post to a negative post. To do this put two of the 9-volt batteries side by side with a negative post on one of them facing the positive post of the other one. Then with the third one hold it up above the two with the opposite posts. Push the one onto the posts of the two as if you were snapping two snaps together. [See pictures below] It should look like a pyramid with one battery on top of the other two batteries. This will make an output of 27 volts. [Feel free to contact us if you are not clear on this or any section]

There should be one positive post and one negative post exposed on each side of this unit. You will need to connect one of the wires to each post. At the other end of the wires you will need to clip a piece of silver to the alligator clip. The finished unit should be a pyramid with a wire either clipped or snapped onto each post and a rod or sliver of coin clipped onto each alligator clip at the other end.

You can cut the silver coin with a pair of wire cutters. Hold the coin with a pair of pliers and pound out the coin with a hammer to make it easier to cut. It only takes a few minutes. Once it’s thin enough to cut with wire cutters, just cut through the coin once to make two halves. Then clip each half into one end of the alligator clip, the other end of the clip connects to the batteries. Or if you are using the rods just cut them to around 6" each and clip each rod onto one end of an alligator clip.

Your unit should look like a pyramid with a clip at each exposed post and a piece of silver at each end of the alligator clips.

Now you can use distilled water [do not use the store bought distilled water, which is kept in thin plastic containers because the water draws the formaldehyde out of the plastic and you don’t want that in your body. Only use the kind that is in a thick more hard plastic or in glass, or you can make your own]. Be sure to add a few grains of sea salt or tap water if there is some minerals in it. The water will not charge without some minerals in it. You will learn how much minerals you need to put into your water once you have tried to make a batch of colloidal silver water because if you don’t have enough minerals in the water nothing will happen, but when you do have enough the silver will stream off the coin or rods into the water.

Note: you can simply use tap water that has been filtered well to remove any heavy metals, but the distilled water is better only because you are assured not to have any chemicals or heavy metals in it.

The ratio parts per million (ppm) is measured by using an 8 to 10 oz glass of water, 27 volts of power, and one minute per one part per million of silver. So if I want 3.5 parts per million in an 8 to 10 oz glass I would run the 27 volts connected to the silver pieces for 3.5 minutes. And if I want 10 parts per million, I would run the same for 10 minutes. Now if I wanted to make a large batch I would need to increase the time by measuring the ounces to the above measurements. I.e. a 16 to 20 oz glass would run 7 minutes to make a batch at 3.5 parts per million or 16 to 20 minutes to make a batch at 10 parts per million. You don’t need to go any greater than 10 ppm. The 10 ppm, will kill on contact any virus or bacteria within 6 minutes after contact. And there are over 700 diseases that this will kill. You can do a research on the net to see just how many and what types of illnesses that Colloidal Silver will kill but be warned that there are lots of negative statements as well as positive statements for Colloidal Silver. If used correctly with the right % of silver you will not have any problems. But if you chose not to follow the correct directions as above then any problems you do encounter will be at your own fault. If you chose to ignore a red light then you risk being hit by on coming traffic. It is only by using wisdom and correct knowledge and the practice of truth do any of us succeed.

How to make and use: Fill a glass near to the top with water, making sure the glass is clean first. Connect the batteries together as described above and connect the wires to the posts and the sliver pieces to the other end of the clips. Place the silver ends into the water at the top of the glass being sure not to touch the sliver pieces together as this will cause a closed circuit and do not let the clips enter the water. If the water has enough minerals in it, it will start the shedding of the silver right away. If not then you will need to add more minerals or tap water with minerals in it until you see the silver streaming off the coin pieces or the silver rods. At this point you will start the clock to the measured time for the ppm you want to achieve.

Once the clock stops remove the negative post of the coin or rod piece from the water and allow the positive coin or rod piece to reclaim the overage; hold for just a moment or two. Then remove the coin or rod and wipe off the residue. Stir, and the water is now ready to drink. You can sip on this until you finish the cup or you can drink all in one sitting. But be advised that if there is a lot of die off (this is called die off because the cells will collect in your stomach and/or your intestines) from the illness you are destroying, you can feel nauseated. To help this run through your system quicker, simply drink extra water and if you need to do something more you can take three carrots and juice them. Drink this juice and it will stop the acid upset in your stomach. If you do not have a juicer then just eat a large carrot. It will have the same calming effect on your stomach acids.

NOTE: The flu virus is not adaptable to the human body which tells me it is not naturally occurring. In the movie “Bourne Trilogy” the woman scientist explains how they found a mapping sequence that allowed them to lace one virus [we now know that all viruses are actually toxins and can be detoxed out of our bodies] with another. Quite a few years ago I realized they must have laced the cold virus with a flu virus because when I used Colloidal Silver and my anti-viral herbal mix, I was able to kill the flu virus but I was always left with a bad cold. So when I listened to the woman’s explanation of what they did I felt vindicated and that my deduction was correct.

NOTE: Always take some acidophilus or probiotic after taking or using any anti-biotic because the live enzymes in your intestines will also die and need to be replaced.

NOTE: I no longer add salt or minerals to my distilled water. If you wish to do the same you will need to add extra time to your batch. i.e. a 16 to 20 oz jar would be 20 to 30 minutes. Your water will look clear but you should still taste the silver.  If you choose to use this method you will need a batter tester to make sure your 9v batteries are fully charged. You need a total of 27v. There are no particles in the water so you cannot tell if your batteries are at full function. 

* Roman solders did not get sick because they kept their drinking water in a silver flask.
* The wealthy during the Bubonic Plague did not become ill because they eat off silver utensils.

Today in the impoverished countries around our world, they use Colloidal Silver as an anti-biotic because it is not only a fast way to ingest a safe anti-biotic but it is very inexpensive so everyone can afford to use it. It is also a very small unit to carry around and as long as you have access to some sort of power or energy you are able to make this natural source of mineral to kill off diseases.

Always do your homework before trying any of the ideas in my articles. You should always be aware of and understand what you are trying to accomplish before you attempt any form of health care. Also if you are currently taking a pharmaceutical drug always check with your healthcare provider to ensure that what you are attempting to do will not have an adverse interaction with what you are currently taking. Never think it would not matter, because you just never know. It is always better to be safe and not take an unnecessary risk. There are easy searches you can do from your Internet search engines or Libraries as well. Do take a little extra time to ensure you understand what you are attempting.


Increase dopamine levels
Mix equal parts of these in powered form: Milk Thistle, Ginkgo, Rhodiola, Fennel, Oolong tea, Wheat grass, Damiana leaf, Olive leaf, Rose hips, Beet root; make sure you are getting plenty of sunshine or take vitamin D3
Adults can take one teaspoon 1 to 3 times daily in one cup of hot water. This helps to increase the dopamine levels so you can manage stress better.
Always check if you have an allergy to any of the above herbs before using them.
Many blessings, Nicolette Germano © LS


Warm fresh chopped Garlic and the herb Mullin in Olive Oil [vegetable oil if you do not have on hand the olive oil and you can leave the mullin out if you don't have that on hand either but it is more effective with it] Let sit long enough for the oil to absorb the garlic juice. Strain the garlic out and cool the oil enough so as not to burn your skin.

Use an eyedropper or a teaspoon to drop a few drops of the garlic oil into each ear. It is wise to put the oil in each ear because an ear infection can and will move into the other ear. You can put a cotton ball in the ear if the oil feels like it is coming out.

You can also stop infections by dropping a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in one ear tilting your head to keep the liquid from coming out let sit until the fuzzing stops then repeat in the other ear. Truly amazing.

Do this until you can tell the infection is gone. Repeat if necessary.


Vinegar: Dilute one part Vinegar to two parts warm water. Make sure the person with the fever is well covered as to not cause a chill. Rub the person down with this mixture being sure that the water is warmed first. Rub the whole body down. This will cause the fever to break right away. If the fever should continue, just rub the body down again. Always making sure the water mixture is warm and the body is well covered. This is safe for children as well.


Garlic: Garlic is one of the most loved tools in all healing. I use it best this way

1, You can cut a small piece and mince with your fingernail then rub it on the arches of the feet of anyone who is over tired or not feeling well.
2, I like to juice a large batch of garlic and then put the pulp and juice together in a covered container, add some lemon juice and olive oil to it and mix well. I can keep this in the fridge for a month or more. I will use clean fingers to pick up some juice and rub the arches of my feet or someone else. What this does is it takes the garlic directly to the blood stream and boosts the immune system. I use it even for a quick pick-me-up when I didn’t get enough sleep and I need to be refreshed. Garlic thins the blood so the oxygen will reach your brain quickly and revive you.
3, Take two or three cloves of garlic and cover them with three to five cups of water then simmer for 30 to 45 minutes. Strain and drink this water. You can do this as often as you like. The garlic cloves can be eaten or used in a recipe.
4, Warm olive oil with 1 or 2 cloves of chopped garlic. Be sure you let it warm until the oil has picked up the juice. Then you can keep this in a container with a lid and use for earaches. Just use an eyedropper to drop a few drops in the infected ear.

For young children just be careful not to over do it. Rub some olive oil on the child’s skin first, to prevent skin irritation if you will be using the juice on the feet. This is the most natural and safe way to bring the body into perfect health. As for the garlic water use only as long as you can see that it is not irritating the child’s stomach and for the garlic oil watch if you see any irritation, if so just wipe the feet or clean out the ear with a Q-Tip.

5, If you find a fleshy growth developing on your body/skin, you can take a clove of garlic, slice it, mince it with your fingernail or knife and hold the moist part of the clove on the growth, this will draw out the fluid. I will also use colloidal silver gel [you can find it on] and rub that on the wound until healed.

3 Homemade Remedies Everyone Should Know By Nick Polizzi


Cut up one onion and 4 or more garlic cloves. You can also cut up a clove size piece of ginger, or an amount to suit your taste to add in the pot. Put them in a glass or steel pot and cover with honey. Simmer very slow uncovered for 30 minutes. Let cool a little and strain out the onion and garlic pieces. The onion, ginger and garlic can be eaten or used in a meal. Very tasty!

To Use: Use one tablespoon for an adult and one teaspoon for a child as needed. It sooths the cough and helps you sleep. This can be kept in a container in the fridge for 3 or more months. Just through it away when you can tell it is no longer any good. For a tasty usage make a cup of hot water and blend a tablespoon or two and drink. For extra healing you can add some lemon to this drink, to your taste. This is very good for chest colds.


How to sprout your own Rejuvelac and ways to stop acid reflux

How to Sprout: (See Note at bottom) Place a ½ cup of soft wheat or spelt berries, (can be found in bulk at a health food store or at a Winco/Raleys grocers) place them in a ½ gallon or (64 oz) jar and cover with water to 1” from the top. Cover the jar with a piece of nylon or cheesecloth (the berries must be able to breathe) and let sit 10 to 12 hours or over night. Then pour off the water and rinse the berries well. Keep the berries in the jar and cover with the cloth. Let this sit for three days. You must rinse the berries at least two times a day. On the third day look to see how the sprouts are doing, is it about ¼” long? By this time it should be at least that long. Now you can use this in a salad or to make acidophilus or use them in a soup or any other way you might know.

Acidophilus: Mix or chop the 3-day-old sprouts in a blender filled with about 3 cups of water. The chop should break open the sprouts, not blend them to a paste. (About 10 seconds) Pour the mix above into a ½ gallon jar and fill the jar with water and let it sit for three days in a shady spot at approximately 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. On a counter wrapped with a towel is fine. You should be stirring this mix once every hour or so to activate fermentation. The more you stir the better the mix will taste. It should taste like a light lemon or sauerkraut. The differences in taste have to do with variances in the temperature and the frequency of stirring. Smell your Rejuvelac before you drink it. It may take you a couple of trials to establish the right location and technique. Every environment is unique. If your Rejuvelac smells bad or does not have the characteristic taste, then something is wrong. If it doesn’t ferment, or smell right discard it and try again. Once you have a good batch drain the water into a container and keep the wheat berries. The drained water is your acidophilus.

Let the wheat or Spilt berries breathe for a few hours then you can use them again. Strain the mixture if you need to and store in refrigerator. When refrigerated, Rejuvelac lasts two weeks, or longer. Just keep in a jar with a tight lid and release the pressure once in a while.

To start using this drink, drink only one cup a day for a week then increase it to, two cups a day. This mix restores the enzymes back into your intestinal track. It’s well worth the little bit of time it takes to make.

NOTE: Now if your not wanting to take the time to make your own, oh how much fun you’ll be missing out on, you can find a good probiotic at a health food store.

Simple and healthier ways to stop acid reflux: use one or more of these juices: a cup of carrot juice or one or more fresh carrots, or a cup of water one teaspoon or more of lemon juice, or a cup of papaya juice or a fresh piece of papaya or a cup of water one teaspoon of baking soda and one or more teaspoons of lemon juice add water, these mixes not only helps acid reflux but it also balances your PH you can use this when you are sick or starting to come down with something it will help your body fight it off.

Lungs: bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchial asthma and pleurisy, tuberculosis, cough, hoarseness, pneumonia, shortness of breath and damage caused by smoking
Infusion: place 1 teaspoon dry herb in a tea strainer put the strainer in an 8oz cup of very hot water, cover cup let steep of 5 or more minutes, drink 3 or more cups a day until lungs are healed
To make a pot of tea: use 3 to 4 teaspoons of herb in a tea strainer place this in a teapot that holds 4 or more cups of very hot water, let steep for 5 or more minutes, drink throughout the day
From Maria Treben’s “Health Through God’s Pharmacy


When life has really overtaken you remember to breath. If you need a quick pick me up just breath and on the exhale stretch your body one area at a time. You can also rub fresh garlic juice on the arches of your feet it will amaze you how garlic can refresh the oxygen to your brain.  Like the song says: "JUST BREATH"

My granddaughter age 9 singing

"Fight Song"

Traumatic Stress Response/Reaction

short video on PSTD & C-PTSD

I’m changing the narrative on the term Alternative Medicine as I have changed the narrative on PTSD, because the current narratives are a mind control tool used by the evil that wants to profit from our destruction. Alternative Medicine is a false term to detract our minds from the truth. Nature has provided everything to heal and keep us healthy and is the original foundation of ALL MEDICINE so my term is NATURES REMEDY

The fight or flight inherent mechanism programmed into our beings is not fear; it is a survival alarm system that assists us, warns us of impending danger.

If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and/or phobias it is because you have suffered traumas in your life.
Anxiety’s, panic and phobias are a natural response/reaction to past events. Our avatars are designed with defense mechanisms for survival purposes.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not mentally ill, you don’t have a dis-ease, syndrome or dis-order. You do not need the toxic poisons the [serial killers you know as] Dr's, dish out like candy. You are simply experiencing a natural reaction to a trigger that causes your mind-body to respond to past events in your life experience.
You're OK and you can make your life better by doing some simple things to heal.

1, start a journal. Keep records of your past memories no mater how small an event was, if it caused you to be fearful write it down, the whole event. Add your thoughts about that event and start working through it so you can see it for what it was.
2, when you are in the midst of a panic, anxiety or phobic event stop and breath slow full breaths and, on the exhale, stretch your muscles or just simply breath and take a short walk.
3, use cbd oil. It works. I’ve proved it in my own life. In fact, I’ve proved all the above in my own life.

We are designed to survive in a vary predatory and dangerous world. And to do that we are programmed with the flight or fight response. When you are experiencing an episode of anxiety, panic or phobic event it is a natural reaction to a past event making you aware of your surroundings so you will be in a protection/reaction mode. But because we are usually not in danger we think we are going crazy or we are having a heart attack but neither are true.

Most of us that suffer this way usually have high IQ’s, are very creative, very sensitive and loving people. We are more susceptible and sensitive to trauma and each traumatic event is locked into our memories. So when something triggers our mind we have an immediate response. Its not that we are in some kind of immediate danger, no, it means our memories have been triggered and our mind/body is reacting in order to protect ourselves.

Most everyone suffer from the systems of PTS but they are dealing with a current Trauma. Those of us that deal with the recurring effects of PTS are dealing with past trauma's where our memories are Constantly being triggered. I pray you will be at peace with this knowledge.

So I hope you have taken this new information into your soul/mind/heart/spirit and fully grasp that there is nothing wrong with you. You are an amazing person, bright, intelligent, creative and loving and you deserve to be loved and happy in your life.

Whatever the traumas that were done to you or happened to you, can be worked out with a little bit of effort on your part. Do what you need to do to heal. Be at peace with yourself and live in joy.

NOTE: I've just learned there is a link to PTS and our heart valves please see these articles:

I've just realized something today 1/13/2023, experiencing PTS is our bodies way of showing us how much we are loved. Our bodies are designed to live long and to do so it must let us know when something needs attending too. It does this by expressions which show up as symptoms, like anxiety which we perceive as fear/danger or flashbacks of traumas, but what is really happening is our bodies only way to help protect us. So I've been practicing just letting the feelings flow through me and receiving the flow of adrenalin that's flooding my body to dissipate. As I do this my body feels warm as if I'm being given a warm tender hug. You may not receive this info yet but I hope you will mull it over and test it out so it will become your revelation too. It takes practice but the peace and quick recovery from my PTS moments is changing the experience and bringing peace to my mind/heart. My hope is this will do the same for you. Much love from my heart to yours.

Matthew 8:26, "O little of faith" Then he arose, and commanded the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. [Peace be still my soul in all things that exist and through all eternity]

Many blessings, may they flow eternally unbroken.

Nicolette Germano© LS

Update 1-12-2024:   I am an A type personality with an intensely analytical consciousness. I trust nothing I can’t prove, thereby putting everything through my testing practices. I have been questioning and examining every aspect of my life for a very long time, I’m now 71 and what I have concluded on what PTS is summarized below. May you be as blessed as I am now that I have a more full and clearer view.
PTS: There are three things that cause an affect/reaction that is called PTSD: 1 consciousness, 2 emotion/feeling, 3 body.
1, consciousness is like an electrical sphere a living matter. 2, psychological effect of thought from the consciousness which causes an electrical charge through the brain matter. The electrical charge to the brain matter affects the neurotransmitters throughout the, 3 body.
So, the first reaction is thought which causes electrical currents through the brain matter, those electrical charges affect the psychological which is the emotion in the brain and the physical which is the feeling in the body. So, when you are having anxiety or panic attacks or phobias develop from PTS which is generally triggered by a conscious thought it then goes down through the reaction of the electrical charge from the brain to the emotion and then causes the body to feel the physical effects.
So, you have a thought which triggers psychological emotion which triggers the physical feeling that in turn causes the reactions of short breath, heart palpitation, dizziness emotional surges, weakness in the knees and feeling faint it is to compensate for the surge of adrenaline from the adrenal glands.
Once you have come to an understanding of these three things that are all involved once PTS is triggered, you will be able to assist your mind and body in separating the emotional from the physical reactions. A simple phrase once an attack occurs is to say; disconnect or disengage my thoughts from my feelings/emotions. What you're doing is severing the consciousness or thoughts from the emotional reaction and physical reactions.
Once you have allowed your mind to understand the difference between the two you will be able to release the emotions/feelings and allow your mind and body to feel the emotions/feelings without fear and without anxiety. Fear and anxiety are the psychological or emotional reactions. The feeling is all of the symptoms that the body goes through when a thought has occurred which causes a trigger in our mind/body, which causes the emotional reaction which then causes a physical reaction, so by severing or disengaging the thought from the emotion/feeling you will not experience the fear or the feelings of fear will subside and you can allow your body/mind to adapt and adjust to those feelings/thoughts/emotions and dissipate the adrenalin flow.
You will know that you're safe, that you're not having a heart attack, you're not going crazy, that these are reactions to a thought that triggered something from your memories which causes an emotional reaction which then triggers the feelings/thoughts or the physical/emotional reaction. This takes a little time but once you have accomplished this you will find that when you're experiencing anxiety you sever the emotion to the physical or to the feeling or the psychological to the physical and you can experience the physical feelings and emotional thoughts, without the emotional psychological attachment to the fear, panic, anxiety, etc.,
You will then find that you are recovering from the PTS triggers much easier and you will adapt physically, psychologically and intellectually and your life will be more peaceful. You will get through these until they become slight little irritations. The important thing that I learned about those of us that experience post-traumatic stress we tend to be highly intelligent, extremely creative adapting to our situations, analyzing, calculating, always building pathways for us to get through our days, we are extremely sensitive people, we tend to be empaths we can feel the emotion and energy of others and can be overwhelmed by them but we don't know how to separate their emotions and energy from our emotions and energy.
Once we recognize what's going on we can tell ourselves to disengage to separate their emotional state and energy from our own. We can then recharge and use the tools that we've learned to disengage our emotions from the physical effects; our minds will calm down and we can just allow our minds and bodies to feel the feelings, breathing and moving to dissipate the adrenaline that is causing the physical and emotional effects, until the effects are minimized and they no longer disrupt our daily lives.
So, to recap we have a conscious thought that thought sends an electrical charge to our brain matter which triggers an emotional and physical reaction. Once we learn to be consciously aware of what is occurring, we simply say disengage or disconnect which severs a connection from the thought that has caused the trigger and emotional reaction to the physical reaction. Once we have achieved that, our panic attacks, anxiety, phobias will be lessened and over time, they will no longer affect our daily life.
Journaling is an excellent way to not only monitor your progress but assist in helping you to fully integrate all your past, present and future, allowing us to just simply live our lives in peace. Use the journal to write everything down everything all your thoughts, memories, how you reacted, everything that has brought you to this point of post-traumatic stress which is all trauma-based.
PTS is trauma-based; something happened that caused a memory or a false belief or something that is written into your memory banks. Anything can cause a trigger, a smell, a place, a feeling, a thought, anything, Once that gets triggered it's the thought that triggers the psychological reaction which then triggers the physical reaction and what you are trying to do is to disengage the conscious from the psychological which is the emotional from the physical which is the feelings of your body and once you have accomplished that, anytime you have a PTS moment, anxiety or phobic reaction a panic attack those will begin to lessen to the point they will no longer affect your daily life.
So, it takes work, takes time but you are worth it and you need to remember that your life is worth the effort. So get or create your own journal and write down the three stages and the steps to take to disengage thought from emotion and feeling, allow your body to feel without the emotional effect and just relax, breath and move allowing your body and mind to experience the feelings while dissipating the adrenalin.
Once your mind and body are accustomed to those feelings and thoughts, it will no longer react the same. Once the psychological part of your mind comprehends the cause it will no longer affect you in the same way and you will live a healthy and normal life. You will be able to do all the things that you wanted to do without having anxiety, panic and phobias. They will just simply recess, reduce, fade away because you will understand, You will comprehend all of the mechanisms involved and you will have the tools to diminish them and go on with your day. Once you accomplish the separation between the emotional and physical connection-reactions, the psychological and feeling the mind and body separation, you can work with the body with breathing and moving exercises which will diminish the adrenalin flow causing the physical and psychological reaction to reduce until they stop, then you can reason out why you’re experiencing these effects through your journaling. This will help you to analyze the memories that are causing the psychological and physical effects. You then can use that information to reduce the psychological reaction by creating a plan to work through them when it is occurring.
This will take time, patience, loving yourself enough, knowing that you deserve this, you deserve a life that is free and at peace. This will take courage to go out and expand your comfort zones to push past the limitations you have created for yourself, to explore who you truly are without PST.
It can be done; it is being done and you will do it!
My heart and Soul walks with you, may you be blessed in your new journey and may those blessings flow eternally unbroken.
                                                                                                                     Nicolette Germano© LS


I was given a journal in my late 20's. I had never used a journal or a diary so this was a new experience for me. The first things I wrote were one liners like, "In Simplicity Is All Truth" and "Experience Is My Teacher" and "Wisdom Is My Proof". If you reviewed my site you will notice I use this now as my mantra.   

Eventually I wrote poems then lyrics, plays and so on. Then I realized I could use it to face that which haunts me and was causing me pain, panic, anxiety and phobias.  

One way to use a journal to deal with your past events is to write down everything you remember of a trauma that you experienced and I do mean EVERYTHING, no matter how small! Where were you, who was there, who harmed you, what happen to you, smells, sounds, sights, what you were feeling, what you recall around you, what was the location and so on.

My first memory of harm  was when I was 4 and to this day 69 years later I still remember every detail. My next memory is when I was 10, although I do know other events took place because I have the physical scars to prove it. I should have died that day due to what had been done to me, but I had divine protection, that was clear.

So once I began writing down my memories, I would write out in detail all that I felt and thought about what had happen and wrote out what I thought I could do about healing and/or changing the effects of those memories. It has helped me greatly to bring it all out in the open i.e. get it out side of my mind and look at it as if looking at a broken model. Then I could see it in the abstract and begin to repair it.

I hope whoever reads this will be blessed and look forward to healing and recovering from all that has caused you harm.

Many Blessings, May they flow eternally unbroken.

Nicolette Germano©LS




Cayenne pepper taken internally will thin the blood, so will garlic, [health food stores have no heat cancels] but put on an external bleeding wound will coagulate the blood.

Also if you put the bruised leaves [crunch leaves in your hands to release fluid from leaves] of the weed plantain, [no not the banana] will not only protect an external wound but will heal it, leaving no scaring. Just leave the leaves on for at least 20 minutes for small wounds or re-bruise the leaves every 20 minutes or put fresh bruised leaves on wound every 20 minutes on larger wounds. 

To detox your Lymph Nod's drink Thyme Tea, pour hot water over 1/2 teaspoon of herb cover cup and let sit for 5 or more minutes, strain and drink.

To assist the intestines' drink Anise tea make it the same way as Thyme Tea above.


White Willow Bark, Catnip and Chamomile equal parts. Use one teaspoon of mix in one cup of hot water. Steep for 5 or more minutes. This a is mild tea. NOTE: always do your own research and make sure you do not have an allergy to any of the herbs. Many Blessings 

Cathy O'brien Books a must have to learn truth and heal: Amazon Books

Richie Allen interview with Cathy O'brien


Do Not Kill This Weed! It's One Of The Best Healing

Herbs On The Planet (& It's Probably Growing Near

You Right Now!)

To Learn all about this life saving plant go to: Natural Living Ideas

NOTE: The narrative we are being fed about cancer is a lie! Just like everything we are being fed about all illnesses. All dis-ease today is man-made or exasperated by man-made devises. Our bodies are by design to dispel ALL infections that would cause us harm. It is because our immune systems and the flora in our intestines are so compromised that our bodies can no longer fight them off.
In order to correct these attacks against us by big pharma we must detox and return to a plant based natural diet. i.e. ALL NON-GMO VERIFIED ORGANIC freshly picked from our own gardens or from a verified organic farmer.
It is now being proven that Autism is completely reversible by simply doing the above. More and more parents are changing their eating habits and saving the lives of their children. Why would we all not do the same for our own families and ourselves? Our bodies are a living machine, no different from the cars you love so much. You do what is needed to keep your car running at top performance RIGHT? Why are you not doing the same for the most important machine in your existence? Your body is the only machine that will carry you through a full and joy filled life. Stop listening to the demonic serial killers known to you as Dr’s. They are trained only to deceive you into taking their toxic poisons. I’ve changed the narrative on the term Alternative Medicine as I have changed the narrative on PTSD, because the current narratives are a mind control tool used by the evil that wants to profit from our destruction. Alternative Medicine is a false term to detract our minds from the truth. Nature has provided everything to heal and keep us healthy and is the original foundation of ALL MEDICINE so my term is NATURES REMEDY. Take the time to read through all of My Articles, you will learn truths that will change your lives for the better. Many blessings, may they flow eternally unbroken.  Nicolette Germano © LS

Why we should be detoxing. See my cleansing tea below. More and more are claiming the cause and spread of virals is due to 5G


so maybe the answer is DETOX THE RADIATION from your body. I was informed that seaweed can do this. Do some research to discover more ways to detox, Green seaweed: Brown seaweed: 


No such thing as a virus!!! Must watch!!!

How to Make your own HCQ quinine

I am now convinced that all the claims about virus, bacteria, and fungus' are bogus! Everything being claimed about these are in-fact toxins and can easily be detoxed from your system and improving your diet will build your immune system. So the simple answer is to apply my articles below for: Anti-infectious herbs, Colloidal Silver, which defuse the toxins, continuing with: Cleansing Herbs and Cleansing Baths, which both safely detox our bodies inside and out. Continue using the Cleansing Herbs for at least a month and repeat throughout the year to keep your cells detoxed and to help your own body restore.   May we all be blessed with the TRUTH: John 8:32, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!

Listen to Dr. Kaufman below. 


Dr Kaufman more on the vaccines

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Proof vaccines have never been tested for safety

Once Were the Living (by Spacebusters)

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TONY ROMAN'S OPEN VIDEO STATEMENT TO ABC JUDGE, here's a man of honor and conviction:👍


All medical procedures, including testing, must be consensual and performed by a licensed
physician in order to be lawful.

Non-consensual administration of a medical procedure is felony assault and battery whether or
not administered by a licensed physician and is grounds for major claim and lawsuit and criminal
prosecution of all parties complicit in the administration of the non-consensual medical

You may not conduct any medical procedure or testing on my body or the bodies of my children
without written consent from me. "Protection" of any "group" such as "the general public" may
not be used as an excuse to violate individual rights.

If you attempt any medical procedure on me or my children without my consent, I am fully within
my rights to use whatever force is necessary to prevent that and to bring lawful action to receive
compensation, penalties and administer criminal prosecution against those who assault me and
my children.

For your own safety I warn you to obey the law and only administer medical procedures to those
who provide written consent.

International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights: In Particular Article's 7, 8

1200 Studies – Truth Will Prevail
Thousands of Scientists and Researchers Weigh In…
to Shed Light and Truth on One of The Most Hotly Debated Topics of Our Time

Arbitration Award Contract No.: SAAPH-A510A-KJ October 26, 2019 Seal-Award-Proof of Service Recorded Locked.pdf:

“BILL OF PEACE 2020” Summary of Bill for Settlement Locked e1.pdf:

“ALL” Rights & Immunities Retained


Did a Vaccine Experiment on U.S. Soldiers Cause the “Spanish Flu”?
By Kevin Barry 
March 30, 2020

The Truth About Vaccines

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Ty Bollinger and Mike Adams rip apart the global covid-19 vaccine conspiracy

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Reclaim our lives

Due to the controllers of the net scrubbing the truth, here is an article that will help:

Thousands of Doctors: Yes, Hydroxychloroquine Works Against Wuhan Coronavirus


America's Frontline Doctors Summit- Session 2

So the two videos "The Doctors Speak and America's Frontline Doctors Summit" have been scrubbed from the net because the DEEP STATE controllers don't want us getting the safest way to heal with the best medical product that heals soooo many illnesses because for one they loose control over us all and it is a massive hit to their profits. So here is one of the Dr's in a short interview to set a few things straight. 

Dr. Simone Gold Exposes the Truth About Coronavirus and Hydroxychloroquine (Full Interview)

Lets try this again

American doctors are holding a Capitol Hill press conference on Tuesday “to address the censorship of [their] press conference” Monday by Facebook, YouTube/Google, and Twitter. they also re-say what was removed from all the above let see how long this is up:

Doctors speak out on misinformation surrounding the coronavirus

 [Dr's that KILL for PROFIT  ‘They Don’t Want to See People Like Us’:


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Firsthand witness testimony 5-20-23             HTTP://THESANASHOP.REFR.CC/NICOLETTEN
I received my Avazzia Life Evolution kit on May 1, 2023 and started in right away. I had watched the training video’s so I knew where I needed to begin.
I had been suffering with an imbalance issue that was causing me to be very unstable and unable to function, the cause is a long story so I will keep this short.
There are three protocols for the neurological system that I started with: 1 Vargas nerve 2 Tongue stimulator 3 Gamma.
I put them into practice once a day and sometimes using the Tongue stimulator two or three times a day depending on how off balance I was feeling. The first week I didn’t notice much but in week two I began noticing improvement. Week two I was able to sleep and was more relaxed and by the end of the week I was starting to notice I could move or bend or stand without feeling dizzy or like I was going to fall over.
Now week three: I was able to sleep freely I could lay on my back or my right side, which was where the issue was focused, I could sit up in bed and stand with no imbalance, I could move freely all day long, stand, bend, move around, I could stand in the kitchen doing dishes or prepare a meal turning from side to side bending up down, reaching etc., it was amazing. I felt so secure again that I started making my tinctures and salve and body lotion again. I’ve had seven straight days of just being normal again, and in this third week, my granddaughter and I pIanted our Vegetable garden and I transplanted a teacup rose plant my sister gave me for mothers day this year. By the way I just turned 71 this April 17th. I will be applying more of the protocols as I learn more as to all the benefits the Evolution home kit has to offer. If you have health issues whether as severe as mine or not, click my link above and discover what the Avazzia Evolution microcurrent can do to help. Many Blessings Nicolette Germano© LS

Dr. McCullough
Nattokinase has been shown to effectively dissolve the spike protein – Spike Support by Wellness Company

Mito Restore oil and Rejuvenate cream

This oil and cream restores the Mitochondria that is the foundation in every cell 
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Info on the restore oil:
Info on the Rejuvenate cream:
Info on Pet Products:
Some Testimonies
many blessings Nicolette Germano © LS

If you suffer with muscle spasms view the difference between:

Circulyn Extract: Xiao Huo Luo Dan - Circulyn Extract - Kingsway (KGS) Brand view here

Verses: Baclofen view here

   Thayer's Greek Lexicon "pharmakeia" view here   b. poisoning,  c. sorcery, magical arts

If you scroll to the bottom of my testimonies page: view here    you will find my testimony on my daughter which explains why I am a naturopath. I was forced to discover the evil in what we have been deceived into believing is medicine. ALL DRUGS ARE POISON!
The product above Circulyn Extract is all herbal, safe and effective. My daughter suffered with extreme spasms which caused extreme pain and inability to function. She had a couple of acupuncture treatments and asked the practitioner if there was a way to naturally reduce the spasms. The Circulyn Extract was suggested. Well, it took a few years of use but she no longer suffers with spasms AT ALL over the last three years. We were told she would never recover from spasms. She saw what the Baclofen was doing to her organs, and weened herself off using only the Circulyn.

As you can see in the Greek Definition, Pharma equates to poisoning, and have you been learning what virus means? Well, here is the ancient original definition of the word virus:  view here   late 14c., "poisonous substance",

And if you have not yet watched this you need to do it NOW: ***Proof snake venom was used to create cv-19 - STN~WORLD PREMIERE: WATCH THE WATER FULL MOVIE   view here

All I am able to do is to show you the truth. It is up to you to not only do your own research into EVERYTHING, but to put into practice the truth you learn.

The medical industrial complex is an ancient demonic organization of extreme evil entities that have been using poison to keep the human population under their control for thousands of years. If you can’t rap your mind around this truth then there is no hope in defeating them and humanity will not survive this latest and continued assault against our right to exist in freedom and peace.

Continue down to view all my health articles. You will learn some simple and safe truths to detox and heal from the harm done to us all. 

Many blessings, may they flow eternally unbroken, Nicolette Germano © 4/13/22 

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