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    Holistic Remedies for vaccine damage

Tea, Maker, Herb, Drink, Cup, Green Tea                              Cleansing Herbs

Our cleansing herbs are a combination of 7 gentle herbs that will safely cleanse the toxins out of your arteries, blood, gallbladder, liver, colon, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, small and large intestines and so much more. Once you have cleansed for 14 days or more your body will then begin to regenerate new cells helping restore your body.

Make your own batch of my herb mix by following my instructions on Cleansing Herbs here:


Just scroll down to my articles, copy and paste the article, or if you prefer, you can order a batch from me directly. 

$35.00 plus S&H 

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Vita Cost health food   I buy all my supplements here

 Harmony is Strength-Renew Vitality

Cho-Wa gives this old woman physical strength, more energy and a free flowing of creative ideas. So worth it!  My story is long but I will do my best to keep it short. My daughter was damaged from vaccines and nearly died three times and was left Paraplegic at age 19 she is now 31. I was forced to learn alt medicine in order to save her life. About 10 years ago I came across your tea but circumstances cost us our home, my small health biz and pretty much everything. During the chaos of having to leave our ranch due to their fraud in foreclosure my cho-wa got buried in all the packing. Now 10 years later I was going through some boxes of my herbs etc. and found three boxes of cho-wa. I had forgotten what it was so I went to your site and relearned and decided to take it again by the way I’m now 67 and very beaten down with all that has happened my body was not able to stand at the stove to cook and my mind was in an avoidance pattern. From the very first cup I was up cooking cleaning and bursting with creative ideas for my website. A few days later I was out with a hand saw cutting down dead trees and just amazed that I had no pain or sore muscles. One cup in the morning keeps me going all day long. I am passing this info onto everyone that will listen because I am proof your claims are real. Can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life.  Many blessings, may they flow eternally unbroken,

Nicolette Germano© LS

The Body Lotion, Salve and tea mix are my creation and I have been using them for over 25 years. Many people have been helped to recover from internal and external issues.

Thank you for visiting our store. I have posted these other sites below, because I have bought from them for years and trust their products.

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         Want to go RAW? Check this out!

Dr Ho pain relief system, the best I have ever used

I use Dr Ho's tens machine for all my pain and even healed nerve damage to one of my thumbs. Such an amazing tool to have on hand!

Mountain Musa Herbs

I have found many bulk herbs here best prices

Mito Restore oil and Rejuvenate cream

This oil and cream restores the mitochondria in every cell

This is my link:

 Follow my link above click the join link, then click the referring customer because when you see the results of this oil and cream you will want to refer others. When they join you will receive credits on their orders which will reduce the cost of your orders. You will receive your own link and that is what you will share with others just like I’m doing here for you.   I not only take this oil internally but I use it externally as well, it heals external issues, truly amazing!

Info on the restore oil:
Info on the Rejuvenate cream:
Info on Pet Products:

Some Testimonies        many blessings Nicolette Germano © LS


Applications: Vagus Nerve Stimulation - Systemic Neurofeedback - Scar Tissue - Anti-Inflammatory programs - Stimulation algorithms - Biofeedback capabilities: - FM RSI frequencies unavailable anywhere else - MORE THAN JUST MICROCURRENT - The Evolution represents a quantum leap beyond previous generations of home use microcurrent machines. It treats a wider variety of conditions than previous models and is capable of executing more of the core protocols within our curriculum than comparable models. In addition, it is an efficient Biofeedback/Neurofeedback device. This makes it a highly effective and cost efficient microcurrent device for popular applications such as improving sleep, reducing inflammation body-wide, and even for relief of anxiety and depression – all with our simple to use protocols.

Firsthand witness testimony 5-20-23         HTTP://THESANASHOP.REFR.CC/NICOLETTEN

I received my Avazzia Life Evolution kit on May 1, 2023 and started in right away. I had watched the training video’s so I knew where I needed to begin.
I had been suffering with an imbalance issue that was causing me to be very unstable and unable to function, the cause is a long story so I will keep this short.
There are three protocols for the neurological system that I started with: 1 Vargas nerve 2 Tongue stimulator 3 Gamma.
I put them into practice once a day and sometimes using the Tongue stimulator two or three times a day depending on how off balance I was feeling. The first week I didn’t notice much but in week two I began noticing improvement. Week two I was able to sleep and was more relaxed and by the end of the week I was starting to notice I could move or bend or stand without feeling dizzy or like I was going to fall over. Now week three: I was able to sleep freely I could lay on my back or my right side, which was where the issue was focused, I could sit up in bed and stand with no imbalance, I could move freely all day long, stand, bend, move around, I could stand in the kitchen doing dishes or prepare a meal turning from side to side bending up down, reaching etc., it was amazing. I felt so secure again that I started making my tinctures and salve and body lotion again. I’ve had seven straight days of just being normal again, and in this third week, my granddaughter and I pIanted  our Vegetable garden and I transplanted a teacup rose plant my sister gave me for mothers day this year. By the way I just turned 71 this April 17th. I will be applying more of the protocols as I learn more as to all the benefits the Evolution home kit has to offer. If you have health issues whether as severe as mine or not, click my link above and discover what the Avazzia Evolution microcurrent can do to help. Many Blessings Nicolette Germano© LS

BODY LOTION  $25.00 per 8oz bottle plus S&H 
SALVE   $5.00 per 2oz cup plus S&H 
The salve is a concentrated form of the lotion

Shipping is very high these days combined orders with others you know and split the shipping costs

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Kirsten from OK., I have used the salve for a number of years and it is amazing. Bruises, cuts and sores heal quickly. I have used it on the pup’s pads to keep them from drying out and cracking from the hot summer pavement, friends have used it and got results they haven’t gotten from other products.
The lotion has been the best for my dry, itchy and patchy psoriasis. My arms clear up quickly. I haven’t had that happen in years. I highly recommend you give these products a try.
I am writing this to encourage you to hear what Nicolette has to say. I have known her for 25 years and know the hours of research she has done before she ever says anything. I have followed her advice for years and it has never failed. If you have questions, ask her, or do your own research. Believe me when I say that if she doesn't have an answer, she will search it out. From colloidal silver to natural antibiotics she will have an answer or find one for you. She's your best resource.