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Reiner Fullmich current statement: Statement Dr. Reiner Fuellmich April 5, 2024 

Reiner Fullmich update: UPDATE from wearegreeekja. DAY 7.

From Telegram
Rosdorf, 03.01.2024
Dear friends, supporters and companions! ❤️
I wish everyone a Happy New Year and assure everyone that I will continue. We will not let up with our educational work and the subsequent legal investigation into the plandemic.
Of course it is very difficult for me to be away from my wife and my dogs and my family and friends. But it helps me a lot that I always receive new information through the many letters and postcards, as well as very personal messages and stories. All this helps me a lot. That's why I can still say with full conviction and determination: Some crack under pressure, I don't!
The international colleagues with my friend Dexter and all the others are also still ready to ensure justice for all. This time the broken system will not be able to stand in front of evil.
In a somewhat longer communication in the next few days, I will be able to explain important details concerning both the case against me and our international legal work.
There is no doubt that things are moving faster and faster in our direction. But there is also no doubt that the other side is fighting for its survival, i.e. remains highly dangerous. Do not be intimidated or even discouraged: We will expose everything that must come to light and we will ensure that the collapse of the system and the transition to a new human coexistence without corruption and without violence is made possible with the help of justice.
❤️ I thank you again for your support, and I thank our ICIC team for their work. ❤️
I believe that the criminals who are trying to paralyze and financially bleed me and my wife, my family and my friends will not only fail, but each and every one of them will pay. We can be slowed down, but we cannot be stopped.
Best regards, Reiner Fuellmich
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Please note the following information:
👉 It is NOT ALLOWED to ADD stamps or money to the post in Rosdorf Prison.
👉 The mail will be read and delivery may take two days to two weeks.
The address is:
JVA Rosdorf
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Am Großen Sieke 8
37124 Rosdorf

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***The medical industrial complex/big pharma has now been exposed. I have always known the things calling themselves doctors are in reality serial killers. There may be some that might think they are doing a good service but if they are dishing out drugs like candy and advocating jabs they are complicit and are thereby accessories to murder and will be held accountable for the genocide of humanity***

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I heard you are planning to file a case in a US court. There are no lawful courts, no judges, no attorneys or lawyers in America. [ALL attorneys etc. holding a BAR or AAR card are agents of the UK crown and have no authority or power to practice law in America.] WHY?  4-15-22 sent to: 

Here’s WHY:
U.S. SUPREME COURT DECISION – The common law is the real law, the Supreme Law of the land, the codes, rules, regulations, policy and statutes are “not the law”. Self v. Rhay, 61 Wn (2d) 261.

U.S. SUPREME COURT DECISION – ALL codes, rules, and regulations are for government authorities ONLY, not human/Creators in accordance with God’s Laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process…” Rodriques v. Ray Donavan, U.S. Department of Labor, 769 F.2d, 1344, 1348 (1985).

Supreme Court 1796- This decision has never been overturned: United States Supreme Court Decision from 1796- [Cruden v. Neale, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E.] "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent."

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 8thed., pg. 2287 – “The omission of the Christian name by either plaintiff or defendant in a legal process prevents the court from acquiring jurisdiction, …”

“Complaint must identify at least one plaintiff by true name; otherwise, no action has been commenced.” Roe v New York (1970, SD NY) 49 FRD 279, 14 FR Serv 2d 437, 8 ALR Fed 670.

Title 28 U.S. Code § 3002 subsection 15: (15) “United States” means—(A) a Federal corporation; [they are charted in the state of Delaware as a business. They are also listed on Dun & Bradstreet and other known private business listings and no private business can claim to be a government of a country; this includes all states] A corporation of any kind cannot and is not a Lawful government agency owned and held accountable to WE THE PEOPLE. ALL corporations are privately owned and controlled and WE THE PEOPLE have no control as to how they operate.

Even though YOU know the courts, judges etc are corrupt you are planning to walk into them and use THEIR SYSTEM OF STATUTS, RULES, CODES PROCEEDURES ETC., to file a claim? How does this make any sense? The Supreme Court declared that THEIR STATUTS, RULES, CODES PROCEEDURES, ETC., CANNOT BE USED AGAINST THE MEN AND WOMAN OF THIS COUNTRY!

No claim can be brought against a man or woman without their true Christian name. ALL COURT CLAIMS ARE ALL MADE IN AND BY THE USE OF ALL UPPER-CASE LETTERS. There are no men or women in these courts or in ANY CASE CLAIMED IN THESE FALSE COURTS. See above

A fraud has been committed against our courts and fraud vitiates ALL!

Case in point all corporations and franchises, courts etc. use all upper-case letters in their titles. i.e. All assumed government office’s, courts, departments, agents, actors, principals and departments of their franchises, use an all upper-case word, name and/or title which are dead things, i.e. an all upper-case block work on a piece of paper, etc., such as a birth registration, a bond, a negotiable instrument, licenses, fictitious names, and so on are a fraud and fraud vitiates all.

It is the locus of the offense which determines jurisdiction, not the offense committed. People v. Godfrey (Cir.1880), 17 Johns, 225, 223 (N.Y. 1819)

Definition: lo·cus (l½“k…s) n., 1. A locality; a place.

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 8thed., pg. 2287 – “The omission of the Christian name by either plaintiff or defendant in a legal process prevents the court from acquiring jurisdiction, …”

Gregg’s Manual of English: “A name spelled in all capital letters or a name initialed, is not a proper noun denoting a specific person, but is a fictitious name, or a name of a dead person, or a nom de guerre.”

“Complaint must identify at least one plaintiff by true name; otherwise, no action has been commenced.” Roe v New York (1970, SD NY) 49 FRD 279, 14 FR Serv 2d 437, 8 ALR Fed 670.

The Supreme Court case, Monroe Cattle Co. v. Becker, 147 U.S. 47 (1893) says: Defendant was impleaded by the name of A. W. Becker. Initials are no legal part of a name, the authorities holding the full Christian name to be essential. Wilson v. Shannon, 6 Ark. 196; Norris v. Graves, 4 Strob. 32; Seely v. Boon, 1 N. J. Law, 138; Chappell v. Proctor, Harp. 49; Kinnersley v. Knott, 7 C. B. 980; Turner v. Fitt, 3 C. B. 701; Oakley v. Pegler, (Neb .) 46 N. W. Rep. 920; Knox v. Starks, 4 Minn. 20, (Gil. 7 Kenyon v. Semon, (Minn.) 45 N. W. Rep. 10; Beggs v. Wellman, 82 Ala. 391, 2 South. Rep. 877; Nash v. Collier, 5 Dowl. & L. 341; Fewlass v. Abbott, 28 Mich. 270.

The United States Government Printing Office Style Manual clearly defines the rules of grammar for recording of a proper noun in Chapter 3.2, Capitalization. “Proper nouns are capitalized [examples given] Rome, Brussels, John Macadam, Macadam family, Italy, and Anglo-Saxon.” It further defines, in Chapter 11.7, that “Names of vessels are quoted in matter printed in other than lower case roman…[examples given are] LUSITANIA [or] Lusitania.”

Black’s Law Dictionary “Fictitious Name“: “A counterfeit, alias, feigned, or pretended name taken by a person, differing in some essential particular from his true name (consisting of Christian name and patronymic), with the implication that it is meant to deceive or mislead.”

Oxford Dictionary:
“nom“: Used in expressions denoting a pseudonym, a false or assumed name.
“Nom de guerre“: War name. A name assumed by or assigned to a person engaged in some action or enterprise.
“Guerre“: War, and as a verb, to wage war.

The U.S. Government Style Manual, Chapter 3 requires only the names of corporate and other fictional entities, or those serving in corporate capacities to be in all capitalized letters.

Fictitious names exist for a purpose. Fictions are invented to give court’s jurisdiction. Snider v. Newell 44 SE 354.
See also:

Ask yourself why a court needs to create a fictitious name. Answer: because they have no lawful right or power to make a claim against a living man or woman!

This nation was not set up as a democracy and was never intended to become one. It was established as a constitutional republic, a constitution is created to limit a governing body, not to enslave the people of a country and the intent was clear that it would remain a limited republic form of governance. All of the Republican form of governments and the offices thereof are still enforceable, but are not being utilized due to the deliberate intent to deceive by “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA”, by not disclosing the truth of what the federal and state corporations have done to this country and her people. “Fraud vitiates ALL”

Government is a fiction, it is an artificial mechanism or device created and employed by living souls to facilitate social, commercial intercourse. Government, being a fictional entity, has nothing of its own. That reality must be supplied by real people. When government gives something to someone, it must first take that something from someone else.

Color of law
The conduct of a police officer, judge, or another person clothed with governmental authority that, although it superficially appears to be within the individual's lawful power, is actually in contravention of the law. For example, a police officer who makes a false arrest while on duty, or while off duty but when they are wearing a uniform or badge, is acting under color of law. In some circumstances, the phrase also applies to the conduct of private individuals that is specifically authorized or approved by a statute. Depriving a person of his or her federal civil rights under color of law is, in and of itself, a federal crime and a ground for a cause of action. Also called under color of law. If the conduct violates a federal civil right or criminal law, it is also called state action. See also color of title.
Color of Law and Legal Definition
Color of law refers to an act done under the appearance of legal authorization, when in fact, no such right existed. It applies when a person is acting under real or apparent government authority. The term is used in the federal Civil Rights Act, which gives citizens the right to sue government officials and their agents who use their authority to violate rights guaranteed by federal law.

The following is from the Civil Rights Act:
"Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress."
Acting under color of [state] law is misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer is clothed with the authority of state law Thompson v. Zirkle, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 77654 (N.D. Ind. Oct. 17, 2007)

In regards to the living man or woman including identities, titles, real, personal and private property, flesh, body, blood, fluids and dna, cannot be patented transferred or sold nor be collateral for any sureties. Re-read the two maxims of law. These private for-profit corporations committed their first trespass against all humanity by creating the birth registration and forced our mothers to sign or have their child taken away, back in 1933 and they are still doing this same act today. The birth registrations are printed on bond paper and are then collateralized. They are bought, sold and traded for profit yet the people never see a dime of profit from them. This birth registration is also used as their claim of ownership of all humanity. They can make any claim they wish; it does not make it real or true. “Fraud vitiates ALL”

                           Two Maxims of Law
   • A piratis et latronibus capta dominium non mutant.
   Things captured by pirates or robbers do not change their ownership.
   • A piratis aut latronibus capti liberi permanent.
   Those captured by pirates or robbers remain free.

I am the author of this proclamation, which I sent to Trump. For the complete transcript view here

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Non-Negotiable Autograph
All Right & Immunities Retained

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Grand-Jury, my statements on day’s 2 & 3: Sent to:

It has become absolutely clear after watching the expert witnesses at Grand-Jury days 2 & 3, describe with evidence that this whole CV-19 is not only a scam against all of man-kind but is a premeditated intent to murder a vast population. It is absolutely clear that Hospitals are now the Nazi death camps. What will it take to wake up to the reality we are all experiencing? Do what you must to protect your selves. May we ALL be protected and blessed!!!
Nicolette Germano

Grand-Jury, my statement on day 4:  Sent to:

Men and woman claiming to be trained medical professionals that inject or prescribe drugs to their clients that do not fully know what they are giving out to others cannot give their clients full disclosure, thereby are incapable of getting informed consent from their clients. These men and woman are liable for all adverse events that occur in their clients.

These men and woman cannot claim ignorance. If these men and woman calling themselves Doctors cannot find factual information on the drugs and drugs in injections, then they are not to give injections and drugs to their clients because these Doctors cannot give full disclosure to their clients nor can their clients give informed consent. These Doctors are fully liable for all adverse events in their clients and are fully liable for all deaths resulting from the injections and drugs given without the full knowledge and consent of their clients as to what was being given to them.

On a personal note, I had a relative quite a few years ago now that was given multiple drugs which caused her heart to fail. When the family went to clean out her apartment, they discovered she had been taking over 25 different drugs given to her by more than one Doctor. Some of the drugs never should have been given to her due to the adverse interaction between these drugs as well as clear warnings of the risk to organs in her body, etc. These men and woman calling themselves Doctors are liable to inform their clients of all adverse reactions and risks in order to get informed consent from their clients as well they are liable to know what all drugs are being given by other Doctors to their clients in order to ensure they are not cross contaminating these drugs. These Doctors are liable for all harm caused by their own incompetence to their clients. Ignorance is not an excuse.
The issues being raised now is far more reaching than just these past two years.

Again, on a personal note, my own life has been badly affected due to the vaccine damaged done to my daughter at age two weeks in 1988, due to the childhood vaccine MMR, which left my daughter paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, damaged her brain where she cannot fully express her capabilities and have caused her to be ill her entire life. Her entire life has been damaged and has left our family shattered with no recourse for us due to the full immunity given to all medical industrial complex corporations and agents of them.
Nicolette Germano

Aside from the issue of clients not being given full disclosure in order to give their informed consent, is the issue not yet raised, if these injections in ALL cases, covid or not, are claimed safe why are clients made to sign a waiver giving all medical personal full immunity from liability from any and all events resulting from the injections? This includes all childhood injections, all medical treatments and in hospital treatments.

This waiver protects all medical personal from any liability leaving the clients with no recourse for compensation due to damage, and/or loss of life. The client loses their insurance as well. The clients are not only left to deal with the damage done to their lives and/or loss of life but they are left with a financial burden that can and will devastate them and their families for life.

Due to there being no true informed consent by the clients, the waiver of all rights of the client becomes invalid and cannot stand. This action creates a fraud and fraud vitiates all, making all null and void!

The creators and facilitators of all injections are knowingly and willfully committing murder with intent, using an unlawful legal system to coerce uninformed clients to lose all rights to compensation, as well as causing them a financial burden, and this does not even begin to cover the emotional devastation for the rest of their lives.
Nicolette Germano

Grand-Jury day 4: Psychological warfare against all man-kind  Sent to:

The testimony on this topic is so critical to comprehending the mass fear experienced by very large groups of people and the definitions describing the steps used by the abusers on the abused explained why so many people fell into step with the abusers control systems.
Also, the statement of critical mass needed to collapse this system of abusers using psychological warfare to take control over the psychological aspect of the mind of the world population, is that it will not take a great portion of humanity but even a small portion can combat these vile abusers. This is very encouraging news because I am being informed by residents of Ottawa, Canada, that right now UN troops have gone into Ottawa Canada.

If this is the next step in the plan to murder and take over countries, we are facing an even greater threat. We can wait no longer; this must be completed and indictments must be enforced. These abusers must be brought to justice NOW!

I will be watching day 5 tomorrow on Financial Destruction. I wish to make comments now because we have all been affected by this system by having our land patents hidden from us giving the creators of this system holding a claim of interest in our lands and property. This is a lie! It is also a big topic to explain. The Birth Registration is the first Trespass against us and is the abusers whole claim to ownership of our mind, body, soul, land, property and wealth.

A Canadian by name of Christopher James of A Warrior Calls. He has and is proving all courts are in fact corporations and is winning cases by these statements to agents of these corporations:

produce verifiable evidence with your wet signature…

1. Verified claim exists i, trespass cause wrong or harm to a man or woman;
2. Obligation [contract] exists with i, ANY service corporation Marianne and Stephen [agents of said corporation] operate under;
3. Marianne or Stephen or any man or woman under your control claim i…[as] property;
4. Marianne or any man or woman under your control can administrate property without right;

Failure to produce evidence or claim yes to one of the foundational truths above then no jurisdiction exists;
Failure to produce said evidence will insure trespass will occur and the next time you will be held liable;
The manner in which these people under your control is nothing shy of thugs without knowledge;
Marianne and Stephan are both put on NOTICE [see attached] you work for a service corporation period!
Next Trespass: $100,000 [One Hundred Thousand dollars] per agent/ officer under your control;
Attempting to administrate property [i] without right is astonishing and will not be tolerated;
Nicolette Germano

Grand Jury, day 4, final statement: Sent to: 

At the conclusion of this Grand Jury, even if we get the indictments, even if we get the enforcement of the indictments, this hellish nightmare will not end until we find every progenitor and all their spawn behind the camouflage of the facilitators. Those are the ones who’s names we do know, i.e. Soros, Clintons, Bushes, Gates, Obama, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Fauci, etc., plus all those you have named in the opening statements.

It is the progenitor’s and their facilitators that have created and caused all the atrocities against all inhabitants for millennia; every horror ever committed; every system used to rape, pillage and destroy life. This nightmare will not end until everyone of them is found and destroyed. There can be no freedom, no peace, no future for all those that will come after us. Our entire existence must be completely cleansed from these kinds of creatures and must be taught to all generations to prevent anything even remotely similar, and never allowed to occur ever again.  Situation Update, Feb 21, 2022 - Nameless, faceless POLICE GOONS in Ottawa may be UN troops
Nicolette Germano

Grand Jury, day 5, Sent to:

I wish to thank all the witnesses for providing exceptional testimony and evidence thus far. We can see clearly how all this has been planned out and executed by the progenitors and their facilitators to literally destroy humanity in order to take claim to this planet and control all things.

Today, I was reminded of an action Trump made by turning over the US Treasury to Blackrock. The testimony clearly showed how Blackrock, Vanguard and two other corporations are behind taking claim of our lands and property using their debt system of fraud to buy up large portions of lands and communities in America.

The financial industry, i.e. banks, lending institutions, etc., do not lend real or lawful money. All so called loans are based on your signature which the lender will take your signature signed on their paper, to a bank and exchange your signature as payment. They in turn receives the credit in paper money which is fake, they use that fake money to payoff all debt claimed to be owed. But the lenders never tell the so-called borrower that their fake debt has been paid and they do not inform the borrower that they do not owe nor are they liable to pay back with interest the loan they believed they created. Where does the fake money come from, and how is it derived from the signature of the borrower?

It comes from the first Trespass made against us at the time we are born. It comes from the Birth Registration. The progenitors attach a value to the registration which is to be used to pay all debt. They also sell these registrations a.k.a. negotiable instruments, on Nasdaq and Wall Street as bonds. They have never told we the people of this ack of fraud against us, and of course nor do they provide any of its value or profit to us. They have committed identity theft by converting our inheritance a.k.a. the gift our parents give to us on the day we are born, by using all upper-case letters on everything our names are placed on.

I do not agree completely with the ideas for a solution to all of this although some of them are worth perusing, I stand on my final statement on day 4.

This will not end without capturing all progenitors and their facilitators. We have a massive mess that we need to clean up. We will need to educate all generations to what happened, how it happened and what it took to end this and clean it up.
I suggest that this Grand Jury of testimonies be held as a historical record for and taught to all generations.

Day 5 ended so beautifully. When the true spirit of man-kind comes together in love and kindness a spiritual awakening occurs.
Nicolette Germano
Grand Jury day 6, Sent to: 
I am afraid the testimony from the two witnesses from Israel and the Holocaust survivor are what has stayed with me in this session of the Grand Jury.
May the Jury find the progenitors and their facilitators to be found guilty for the horrific atrocities committed against all inhabitants. May the Jury charge them and sentence them with Treason, Terrorism and genocide at the very least. May the Jury punish them with a greater punishment than the punishment of the Nuremberg sentencing.
Nicolette Germano